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    Combining JTBD and Journey Mapping: An Innovative Approach to Innovation

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    On June 2, 2022, Phase 5 Partner Steve Hansen was the featured speaker at a Product Management & Development Association (PDMA) special webcast event. His presentation,

    Combining Jobs-to-be-Done and Journey Mapping:

    An Innovative Approach to Innovation

    is now available to download.

    During his webinar, Steve described and shared the merits of Customer Journey Mapping and Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) both as individual techniques, and also as complementary approaches that serve to generate stronger, more customer-centric innovation.

    Some key takeaways include:

    • Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) helps an organization remove friction from the customer experience.
    • JTBD reframes the entire world in terms of jobs to be done; it doesn't jump immediately to tools or solutions.
    • JTBD helps you ask better questions during the CJM process, identifying targeted white spaces within which to innovate.

    Download the complete presentation to learn more now!