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    Driving a Customer Centric Culture from the Outside In

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    On September 7, 2021, Phase 5 Partner Andreas Noe and Phase 5 client Tanya Fowler (Head of Customer Experience at FCT) were featured speakers at the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) webinar, "Enhanced Customer Experience Research". Their presentation,

    Driving a Customer Centric Culture from the Outside In

    is now available to download.

    This Phase 5 / FCT case study illustrates how Customer Journey Mapping was used to break down silos and create a shared understanding of experiences for the customer. Furthermore, our experts explain how to do this in a scalable way thanks to a "train-the-trainer" approach so that teams can continue to collaborate across the organization.

    Some key takeaways include:

    • Useful tips and tools for engaging internal stakeholders across many functions and lines of business in order to work collaboratively to solve customer problems.
    • Do's and don'ts for using technology and tools when in-person meetings are not possible.
    • Methods for instilling confidence in internal stakeholders and trainers so that they will not only take the customer centricity baton, but run with it once the consultants conclude their engagement.