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    Co-Creation in a B2B Environment: A New Approach to Customer-Centric Innovation

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    On May 20, 2021, Phase 5 Partner Steve Hansen and Phase 5 client Nicole Strong (IPEX Manager of Customer Insight and Ideation) were invited to speak at the Insights Association NEXT Conference. Their presentation:

    Co-Creation in a B2B Environment - A New Approach to Customer-Centric Innovation

    is now available to download.

    Steve and Nicole shared IPEX's challenge to scale up customer input and generate more product ideas from its "Customer Councils", even as the pandemic was creating a barrier to continuing the councils (which had always been conducted in-person, on-site at IPEX facilities).

    Using the Jobs to be Done approach to innovation, Phase 5 and IPEX worked together to successfully evolve "Customer Councils" in a way that produced positive results in terms of customer feedback, innovative ideas, and operational efficiency.

    Download the complete presentation now to learn more. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your specific business challenges.