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    FEQs (Frequently Encountered Quandaries) in JTBD Innovation Research

    Download the presentation

    On February 18, 2021, Phase 5 Partner and resident Innovation Lecturer Steve Hansen was pleased to be the featured speaker at a Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) webcast.

    His presentation:

    FEQs (Frequently Encountered Quandaries) in JTBD (Jobs to be Done) Innovation Research

    is now available to download.

    This meaty deck first explains the Jobs to be Done framework, using a current example to illustrate why it works so well for problem solving & successful innovation. From there, Steve shares how the approach can be applied across departments within a larger organization by reframing JTBD questions from each group's unique perspective.

    He goes on to give practical instruction on how to bring groups together to collaborate and manage change for truly effective innovation to happen. And based on his experience, Steve offers advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls and oversights that can make the difference between a solution that is ok vs. one that is outstanding.

    Finally, the presentation includes resources to take away, including a recommended reading list by key topic, and a cheat sheet to help the reader get started on his/her own innovation challenge right away.

    This presentation is highly recommended for anyone who sees value in innovation, and especially for those with a current problem or challenge in need of a solution.