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Innovation is critical to your competitive health. Not only does your organization need a pipeline of ideas for enhancements and new offerings, you need to ensure customer insights are leveraged at every stage of the development cycle.

Our Innovation research leverages a range of research and consulting techniques to support customer-driven innovation. We work on a collaborative basis with your team to:

  • identify unmet needs and feed the pipeline for new offerings,
  • prioritize the best opportunities,
  • build customer requirements into product and service offerings through iterative development,
  • deploy effective bundling, pricing and go-to-market strategies.

Innovation: Toolkit

We offer a range of solutions to help inform and facilitate decision-making across the Innovation cycle:




Identify Unmet Needs
  • Market assessment surveys
  • Ethnography and online diaries
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Market planning and segmentation workshops
  • Persona development


Develop & Prioritize Opportunities
  • Co-creation sessions and DevShops
  • Concept testing research


Develop Effective Strategies
  • Bundling and pricing research
  • Positioning and communications research
  • Channel research
  • Marketing and product strategy workshops


Build Customer Requirements into Offerings
  • Iterative concept testing
  • Pre-launch testing and online communities