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Market Insights

Your customers and the market around them are constantly evolving. New competitors, new technologies, shifting attitudes and behaviours all lead to new opportunities… and threats.

Our market insights research is predicated on the following key tenets:

  • Successful innovation requires anticipating and responding to unmet customer needs.
  • It also requires craft, skill and deep experience in market segmentation (both in analytics and process engagement), and in positioning to find the best path to success

We help you understand the market for your product or service, its dynamics and what’s driving change to unearth and quantify new opportunities, identify the risks you need to manage and plot your positioning strategy.

Market Insights: Toolkit

We offer the following solutions to create market insights:




Identify New Market Opportunities
  • Determine share of market
  • Segmentation to uncover unique target markets
  • Map market structure and dynamics


Measurement and Advanced Analytics
  • Statistical analysis of unstructured data sources (Big Data)
  • Multivariate methods including adaptive and choice-based conjoint
  • Perceptual and brand mapping
  • Linkage analyses


Strategic Solutions
  • Key driver analysis
  • Detail sources of customer churn
  • Pricing and valuation research
  • Analysis of behavioral data and “nudge” theory


  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Industry trends and road-mapping
  • Customer retention and motivations