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    How 2021 is Opening Wallets and Opportunities

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    On September 29, 2021, Phase 5 Partner Steve Hansen was a featured speaker at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit. His presentation,

    Hunker No More:

    How 2021 is Opening Wallets and Opportunities

    is now available to download.

    Early in 2021, Phase 5 conducted a survey of 2,000+ North American consumers and small business customers. Perhaps not surprisingly, the survey found that the needs and expectations from financial services products, channels, and service have changed in light of the pandemic. The study's findings shed light on exactly what has changed, why, and whether that change is expected to be long-term.

    As trusted advisors to Financial Services marketers, we can now leverage these critical insights to inform:

    • How to balance the human vs. digital equation
    • Which strategies adopted during COVID-19 generated customer loyalty
    • How to develop winning business strategies for 2022 and beyond

    Download the complete presentation to review at your leisure, and contact us to discuss how to apply the findings to your business strategy.