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    Interested in CX in Canada in 2020?

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    (State of CX in Canada)

    This report presents an updated summary of the results and insights gleaned from our study of the state of CX in Canada in 2020. Phase 5 partnered with TMG International Inc. to conduct this study in February and March of 2020, with supplementary qualitative interviews in June 2020.

    TMG (a customer experience consultancy) asked 83 medium-to-large size organizations to answer a number of questions on their CX strategy and performance and Phase 5 asked 1,000 consumers to share their recent experiences with B2C and B2B organizations across a range of industries. Some questions were the same on both sides (e.g. likelihood to recommend, likelihood to switch), and some were unique (e.g. whether organizations have a CX owner, what are the internal barriers to CX implementation).