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    Marketing to Small & Medium Businesses

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    The State of SMB 2021: General Overview

    In February 2021, Phase 5 partnered with B2SB agency Cargo, and surveyed more than 2,000 Small Business Owners (SBOs) and decision makers across Canada and the US.

    Our research explored drivers of SMB purchase and loyalty behavior in general, as well as in specific industry sectors including financial services, tech & telecom, logistics, and software. It also investigated what SMBs currently fear, forecast, want, and need from the large enterprise brands that serve them.

    Download our overview report now to learn more about this important segment, including:

    • The top 4 digital transformation goals of SMBs
    • How SMBs are fending off big retailers 
    • "Do's and Don't's" for the brands who market to SMBs
    • What makes the "COVID Class" of SMB different