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Canada Post FlexDelivery™ Development

The Ask

FlexDeliveryA key strategic thrust for Canada Post was to build an eCommerce product set catering to the emerging needs of online consumers. Canada Post identified an opportunity to combine their physical and electronic delivery capabilities to offer innovative solutions that empower consumers with choice in how, when and where they receive their packages. To develop new solutions, Canada Post required a comprehensive understanding of what consumers valued around the current delivery experience and how it could improve that experience. Canada Post commissioned Phase 5 to leverage consumer insights at different stages of development, leading to the launch of their new FlexDelivery™ service. FlexDelivery™ is a service that provides consumers with the added convenience of having online purchases delivered to a post office of their choice.

The Approach 

Different methods were applied at each stage to gain insights and guide decision-making, including:

Qualitative research to obtain directional feedback on potential solutions. To explore pain points and potentials solutions around the delivery experience, we conducted focus groups with online shoppers in different cities.

Quantitative research to validate potential opportunities. Following the qualitative research, an online survey was used to validate the qualitative findings, measure uptake of potential delivery solutions Canada Post was considering developing and determine the optimal delivery experience(s) for consumers.

Iterative usability testing of an online registration process. We conducted usability testing interviews in two stages to test the registration process. This allowed us to review the proposed application flow, design elements and use scenarios during initial interviews, and then test enhancements in a subsequent round of interviews.

Ethnographic research to beta test the service and customer experience. Prior to roll-out, Canada Post wished to understand the experience of a sample of frequent online shoppers with the FlexDelivery™ process. We conducted online, ethnographic research that involved tracking frequent online shoppers throughout their experience with FlexDelivery™. In addition to enabling participants to record their experiences, the online platform allowed participants to take digital imagery related to the focus of the study (e.g. screenshots on retailer sites, photos and video entries while at a retail postal outlet). Exercises followed participants over a three week period as they registered for FlexDelivery™, completed three transactions, and received deliveries.

The Outcome

By applying different approaches to customer research at each stage, we were able to apply insights to:

  • uncover pain points with current experiences, as well as core benefits sought by consumers in improving their delivery experiences;
  • confirm FlexDelivery™ as a priority for development relative to other opportunities, model the potential impact on delivery volumes, and identify consumer segments for targeting;
  • develop wireframes to guide development of a usable, online registration process; and
  • identify points of friction in the end-to-end customer journey prior to launch and clear recommendations to ensure a successful launch.