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Modernizing CBC/Radio-Canada's Corporate Website

The Ask

CBC/Radio-Canada undertook a re-design of their corporate website (cbc.radio-canada.ca) to adapt to the growth of their organization, audiences and stakeholders and improve the user’s experience by creating a modern website that has consistence, an interactive narrative and an immersive experience.

The Approach

One of our first key engagements was to understand users’ needs and preferences. Context tells us a lot about why one does what one does – even about those aspects of which one is not consciously aware. By assessing user needs and analyzing workflows, we were able to inform the information architecture and design. After the development of user flows and IA, a series of interviews with key audiences took place to validate revisions.

Next, wireframes were built to address the various audience groups, content and marketing objectives for key pages. There were two versions created and each version took into special considerations on accessibility requirements and mobile responsiveness to ensure a wide range of viewers would quickly and easily navigate the site, irrespective of device preference.


The Outcome

Through the final series of validation interviews, Phase 5 took the winning approach and developed over 15-page layouts to accommodate varying content.

This initiative helped our client get in-depth insight into users’ cognitive preferences, device biases, preferences for interactive idioms and other key aspects of user experience needs. In addition, our client gained a framework to:

  • simplify information architecture;
  • reduce content weight;
  • create memorable experiences;
  • increase visibility of content; and
  • ensure consistency between programmes.