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Canada Post publishes the 2019 Canadian e-commerce benchmark report based on research conducted by Phase 5.

"Canadian consumers are getting more comfortable and confident making online purchases. We know this because they’re doing it more often. Between 2016 and 2018, the average number of online purchases Canadians made annually shot up 58 per cent."

The report, which can be found online at
https://www.canadapost.ca/assets/pdf/2019_ecomm_benchmark_report-en.pdf , uncovers this finding and many others as well as tips for e-tailers.

Conducted by Phase 5 in 2018, the research resulted from an extensive survey of 5,000 respondents drawn from a panel of Canadians who shopped online last year.

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Written by Stephan Sigaud

Stephan Sigaud, MBA, is Phase 5’s EVP of Marketing. Stephan is passionate about partnering with clients to address their challenges and opportunities around customer centricity. Stephan has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research and Customer Loyalty and Experience and is a Board Director of the Insights Association. He has also been volunteering with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (as past Chair of the CXPA Toronto Network) and the Canadian Marketing Association (as member of the Leaders Network and past co-Chair of the CMA CX Council).