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Coming Soon: FOTI, Re-envisioned for 2022

A couple of years ago in 2020, Phase 5 published "The Future of the Interface" (FOTI), which recognized the speed at which technology was changing, and the resulting impact of such rapid evolution on UX. This paper was written in the early days of the pandemic, when organizations of all sizes were just beginning to understand and adapt to a new world order. Now, two very historic years later, Phase 5 is revisiting the Future of the Interface with updated information and a renewed perspective.

Authored by Phase 5 VP Experience Strategy Colin Anderson and UX Manager Celine Huot and myself, this new paper will re-examine key elements to consider in the development of good User Experience, including

  • Efficiency
  • Discoverability
  • Memorability
  • Accessibility

How has two years of living through a pandemic impacted our definitions of the above elements, and perhaps more importantly, do they still matter? Are there new, more important elements to consider now? Has our customers' baseline changed, and/or their tolerance for the trial and error method of experience design?

How should smart organizations be responding to ever-changing UX needs? What is the best way to meet if not exceed customer expectations with more volatile budgets and ever-changing regulations? If trade-offs are necessary, what elements should be prioritized?

Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or keep visiting our News and Thought Leadership pages in February 2022 for the release of our Future of the Interface paper, 2022 version. And contact us any time to discuss how we can support the future of your organization's UX.

Written by Arnie Guha Ph.D.

Arnie Guha, Ph.D, is a partner at Phase 5 and the leader of the User Experience Strategy and Design practice. Widely regarded as an expert in online user groups and environments, Arnie helps his clients – financial institutions, technology companies, life sciences firms, media companies, publishers and information providers as well as government organizations – develop winning UX solutions and strategies that best respond to market needs and business objectives.