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Phase 5 Hosts First 'Innovation Day'

A few weeks ago, the team at Phase 5 held its first "Innovation Day" at its office in Toronto, with virtual connections to offsite participants. Phase 5 employees from all groups across the company joined together for a day of sharing stories, expertise, and most importantly, ideas. 

Each person was asked in advance to tap into their specific experience as well as their particular interests and curiosity, and prepare a short presentation to deliver to the rest of the group. While all Phase 5 employees have an analytical mindset in common, we are proud of the diverse backgrounds and personalities that make up our team, from our research analysts to our UX design experts to our practice leads. So it came as no surprise that the content delivered, discussed, and incubated on Innovation Day was truly enlightening.

A wide range of topics was presented and discussed, including: 

  • How to Engage Gen Z in Market Research
  • The Role of Research in Powering What Matters in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Using Gaming Elements/Techniques to Make Surveys More Engaging.
  • Rethinking Brand Trust Scores
  • Leveraging Mobile Communities to Gather Data at Scale, and the Unique Opportunities Presented by Mobile
  • Applying Shapley Values within Innovation Studies
  • Optimizing your Daily Excel Use through Innovative Application of Functions

We look forward to putting some of these great ideas into practice soon, and to keeping the ideas and the conversations going across our internal teams as we continue to work together to help our clients on their journey to customer-centricity.

Written by Michael Dolenko

Michael Dolenko, MA, is a partner at Phase 5 and the co-lead of the Innovation and Product Development practice. Michael is a sought-after moderator and survey researcher for clients in financial services, retail, technology, education and publishing. He and his team focus on product and service innovation and studies that support go-to-market initiatives.