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Phase 5 Grows Toronto Office

As demand for data-driven insights and analytics continues to grow, we have expanded our team so that we can continue to provide top notch service to our clients. This month, we're pleased to welcome Aleta Pleasant and Josh Thompson to our team. You can learn more about each of them below:

Aleta Pleasant, Senior Research Analyst, holds a Master’s of Science and a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology from the University of Guelph, where her research focused on understanding human behavior. She is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research, and has extensive experience conducting complex statistical analyses and visualizing data. Aleta is passionate about letting data tell the story, and leveraging these insights to help businesses make informed decisions. A lifelong learner and problem solver, she enjoys working with complex data sets and programming, areas in which she continues to build expertise.

Josh Thompson, Research Analyst, holds a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and is working towards a Masters in Applied Mathematics. Josh has experience and a passion for leveraging data to make smart business decisions. He previously worked at a CPG analytics firm, where he supported various companies in data-driven analytics, as well as a national medical clinic working with health-focused data.

Both Aleta and Josh will be based out of our Toronto, Canada office. Please visit our Team page to learn more about all of our talented Phase 5 employees.

Written by Michael Dolenko

Michael Dolenko, MA, is a partner at Phase 5 and the co-lead of the Innovation and Product Development practice. Michael is a sought-after moderator and survey researcher for clients in financial services, retail, technology, education and publishing. He and his team focus on product and service innovation and studies that support go-to-market initiatives.