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Phase 5's Stephan Sigaud invited to Speak at CMAcx 2022 Event

On Tuesday, May 10th, don't miss this CMAcx 2022 event where Phase 5 EVP Marketing, Stephan Sigaud will be participating in a panel discussion with other CX experts about adapting to meet consumer expectations from a Brand and CX perspective.  You can register here for the event, "What Matters Most to Customers Now?"

As one of the global CX community's recognized thought leaders, Stephan is a great choice to participate in these sessions given his extensive professional and volunteer experience, including as former CX practice head in a global research corporation and as former chair of the CXPA Toronto network.

In addition to Stephan Sigaud, you'll hear from an extensive list of customer experience leaders and experts from organizations including Accenture, TD, Ipsos, the Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto Public Library, and the CBC. Topics will include:

  • What matters most to customers now, and how brands can address their ever-changing needs, wants, hopes and dreams.
  • ️Shifts and trends in brand loyalty that transcend generations, and the importance of building a customer-obsessed culture that recognizes the value of flexible, omnichannel, hyper-personalized experiences.
  • ️The role of influencer and content marketing in building trust, fostering relationships and driving brand advocacy.

Attendees can expect to uncover how to build trust, execute meaningful brand experiences, and build loyalty via customer engagement.

This event is free for CMA members and only $49 for non-members. Reserve your spot by registering now for this event happening on May 10th at 1 pm EST!  

Written by Andreas Noe

Andreas H. Noe, MBA, BComm Marketing, is a founding partner of Phase 5 and has more than 30 years of experience in marketing research and consulting. Andreas leads Phase 5’s Customer Experience and Market Insights teams.