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Phase 5's Steve Hansen to Speak at Insights Association April Webinar

On April 15th, 2021, Steve Hansen will be the featured speaker at the Insights Association webinar entitled, Jobs to be Done: A Framework for Uncovering Customer Needs.

Innovation & Product Development professionals and Research professionals alike will not want to miss this informative session where Steve will draw on his years of experience applying JTBD to business challenges in a variety of roles. See his 2016 review of Clayton Christensen's book on JTBD, Competing Against Luck, for a sampler of his thinking.

Jobs to be Done provides a useful structure for categorizing, defining, capturing and organizing the inputs that are required to more predictably align innovation with need. The framework can help to reveal the core reasons underlying customer needs by translating them into a “job” that customers are looking to complete.

Furthermore, it encourages product designers and developers to simultaneously consider a broad spectrum of requirements, from the most "narrowly defined" technical specifications, to the more timeless aspect of the rational / emotional need(s) being met by the product or service. When done successfully, innovation will break through consumers' "inertia" because of the strong appeal of the solution offered, both in terms of "ease of switching" (or adopting), and in terms of the ultimate benefit.

In addition to more in-depth discussion of the above concepts, participants can expect to leave this session with practical knowledge of how to apply the concepts, including: 

  • how to write a jobs statement

  • pitfalls to avoid

  • how to prepare the organization before getting started.

Register now for this free event, open to both IA members and non-members. 

Written by Stephan Sigaud

Stephan Sigaud, MBA, is Phase 5’s Chief Marketing Officer. Stephan is passionate about partnering with clients to address their challenges and opportunities around customer centricity. He has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research and Customer Loyalty and Experience. A past Board Director of the Insights Association, he has also been volunteering with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (as past Chair of the CXPA Toronto Network) and the Canadian Marketing Association (as member of the Leaders Network and past co-Chair of the CMA CX Council).