RBDR Episode #65: Pandemic Perspective for Market Researchers

Phase 5's EVP Marketing, Stephan Sigaud was a featured speaker on a recent Research Business Daily Report (RBDR) video blog, hosted by Bob Lederer. Lederer has been a respected voice in market research for more than 25 years, and his podcast has been voted one of the very best in the industry.

In this episode, Stephan discusses how the business of market research has been impacted by the pandemic. He notes that consumer participation rates in both qualitative and quantitative studies have actually increased in 2020, providing great opportunities to better understand customers. And since all companies have been required to "pivot" this year, the insights have thankfully been a guiding light for those course corrections.

Moving forward, we know we can expect more change, and will need to adjust to new realities. Stephan shares a point of view on how market research firms should prepare and respond to the current and coming environment. It's a must listen for anyone in the market research industry, especially as they plan for the months and year ahead.

Written by Phase 5