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Stephan Sigaud to Moderate May 2022 XM Pros Learning Lab

On May 19th and May 26th, 2022, Phase 5's own EVP Marketing Stephan Sigaud will lead the discussion in an XM Pros Learning Lab about Designing Human-Centered Experiences.

As one of the global CX community's recognized thought leaders, Stephan is a great choice to moderate these sessions given his extensive professional and volunteer experience, including as former CX practice head at one of the top global research firms and as former Board Chair of the CXPA Toronto network.

After an initial kick-off call, participants will be split into smaller groups of 5-6 people for further discussion in virtual learning labs. As moderator, Stephan will lead the conversation by providing topical resources, asking relevant, engaging questions, and encouraging discussion to dive deeper and learn more from the participants' experiences. These small group sessions will explore how experience management (XM) professionals can enable their organizations (and themselves) to create customer experiences that resonate with real people as humans, not just guests / customer IDs / numbers.

The learning has already begun with the XM Institute topic of the month: Humanizing Digital Experiences. In this brief presentation (available online), XM Catalyst Isabelle Zdatny shares seven techniques organizations can use to humanize digital experiences and emotionally engage their visitors. Given the pandemic-driven acceleration of the digital transformation, addressing this topic is crucial to maintaining and/or creating emotional connections with customers.

Qualtrics' XM Learning Labs are multi-week programs that discuss an XM topic in-depth with an engaged group of peers, including input from XM Institute faculty. Learning Labs participation is one of several features and benefits of belonging to the XM Pros Community, a "global, free community for XM experts who want to learn about XM, connect with their peers, and advance both their careers and the XM profession at large", and a part of the larger XM Institute.

You can learn more and register here for the XM Pros Community to take full advantage of the resources, events, and programs offered to XM Pros Community members, including peer-to-peer networking, virtual meet-ups, expert Q&A sessions, and pro-to-pro match-ups in addition to the quarterly learning labs.

Written by Andreas Noe

Andreas H. Noe, MBA, BComm Marketing, is a founding partner of Phase 5 and has more than 30 years of experience in marketing research and consulting. Andreas leads Phase 5’s Customer Experience and Market Insights teams.