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UXPA Toronto -- Phase 5 Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt and Mixer

Going to UXPA in June? Be sure to go visit Phase 5's Toronto office and have an eye-opening user experience there, hunting for treasure through the lens of a virtual reality headset.

Register here.

You'll get to meet the Phase 5 UX team, as well as experience what research on physical spaces might look like without the cost of setting up an actual physical space. Here's the blurb from the event notice:

"UX extends beyond the digital environment to encompass experiences with physical products and spaces. Recognizing the growing reach of UX and its intersection with both the digital and physical worlds, we invite you to join us for an entertaining Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt. Mingle with colleagues over drinks in our beautiful, loft-style office and lab facility, and try your hand (and head) at finding the treasure."

The virtual reality environment for the treasure hunt has been put together by the Phase 5 team, built on our system for virtual research on physical environments. Hope to see you there!

Written by Arnie Guha Ph.D.

Arnie Guha, Ph.D, is a partner at Phase 5 and the leader of the User Experience Strategy and Design practice. Widely regarded as an expert in online user groups and environments, Arnie helps his clients – financial institutions, technology companies, life sciences firms, media companies, publishers and information providers as well as government organizations – develop winning UX solutions and strategies that best respond to market needs and business objectives.