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DMFS Presentation Now Available: Findings from 2023 F2SB Study

The April 26, 2023 presentation, "Educate, Undersell, and Pique Interest: What the 2023 F2SB Study Can Tell Us About Marketing to SMEs" is now available for Phase 5 clients and subscribers to download. This presentation was delivered at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services West Summit by Phase 5 Partner Steve Hansen, Head of Phase 5's US Operations, and Head of our Data Analytics Practice.

The presentation was based on findings from our 2023 Small Business Banking (F2SB) Study, which was designed to dive specifically into the banking and financial services needs of SMEs (small & medium enterprises).  The study leveraged a Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) framework, exploring what jobs SMEs need to get done related to the financial strategy and operations of their company, and identifying where gaps & opportunities exist to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Some key takeaways include:

  • SME priorities for improvement in financial operations
  • pain points in current operations
  • satisfaction levels with current financial services
  • cashflow needs and concerns
  • lending needs and future plans

Download the complete presentation to learn more now. 

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Written by Stephan Sigaud

Stephan Sigaud, MBA, is Phase 5’s Chief Marketing Officer. Stephan is passionate about partnering with clients to address their challenges and opportunities around customer centricity. He has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research and Customer Loyalty and Experience. A past Board Director of the Insights Association, he has also been volunteering with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (as past Chair of the CXPA Toronto Network) and the Canadian Marketing Association (as member of the Leaders Network and past co-Chair of the CMA CX Council).