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New Series: The Digital Transformation

This is the first in a series of articles about the pandemic-driven acceleration of organizations' digital transformation, what we've learned, and how to respond.

When COVID-19 emerged, the idea of pursuing digital transformation as a way to enhance customer experience shifted - from long-term opportunity to urgent and critical business imperative. Many organizations scrambled to move service capabilities online, including (in some cases) basic e-commerce. As UX & CX experts, we observed many different approaches to this suddenly time-sensitive need, and of course some were more effective than others.

In this first article of a new series about the current Digital Transformation, Phase 5 Partner Arnie Guha talks about helping customers/users overcome "channel inertia" by better understanding the reasons behind any reluctance to move from analog to digital. Sometimes the issue may be related to the user's confidence in the channel; think about how you'd feel if you placed an order but didn't see a confirmation page, for example. In other cases, perhaps the digital experience doesn't satisfy the customer's emotional needs with respect to the transaction. In large financial transactions such as mortgages, for example, customers may need human interaction to feel comfortable closing.

Check out the complete article to learn more about the challenges we've observed, and the best ways to leverage customer research to tackle them strategically, thereby setting your organization up for long term success. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to our Phase 5 Insights newsletter so that you don't miss the next article in this timely series.

Written by Stephan Sigaud

Stephan Sigaud, MBA, is Phase 5’s Chief Marketing Officer. Stephan is passionate about partnering with clients to address their challenges and opportunities around customer centricity. He has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research and Customer Loyalty and Experience. A past Board Director of the Insights Association, he has also been volunteering with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (as past Chair of the CXPA Toronto Network) and the Canadian Marketing Association (as member of the Leaders Network and past co-Chair of the CMA CX Council).