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Oct 22nd CMA Event: Marketing to Small Businesses in 2020

Join Stephan Sigaud of Phase 5 and Miki Velemirovich of Cargo in this exclusive CMA event about how to effectively market to Small Businesses in the ever-changing environment that 2020 has presented. After their keynote address titled

"The Dangerous New World of Marketing to Small Businesses"

attendees will have the chance to hear a panel of B2B marketing experts from Canada Post, CISCO, and RBC dig deeper into the topic during a conversation moderated by Dan Gliatta, Founder of Cargo.

Since the shutdown began in March, 77% of Small Business Owners have allowed their employees to WFA (that’s Work From Anywhere.) And even when things go back to "normal," 50% plan to make it permanent. What does this mean for the next generation of Small Businesses entering the fray? And what does it mean for the Big Brands trying to reach them?

We have seen that Small Business Owners can be very resilient and adaptive. They have had to recover, re-open, and even re-imagine the very basics of their businesses. The way Big Brands respond matters more than ever before. In this round-table event, the following questions will be addressed:

  1. How do the current mindsets of Small Business Owners (SBOs) impact your marketing messaging and focus going forward? 
  2. How do the stages of Small Business recovery impact your sales and marketing targets? 
  3. How do macro influences facing SBOs impact your marketing success? 

If your target customers include Small Business Owners, don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights about their needs and how you should be responding. Click here for more info and to register or request your invitation to this exclusive CMA event.

Written by Phase 5