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Phase 5 Insights Article is One of CMA's Top 5 Picks

We're proud to share that our recent Insights article "Digital Transformation: Accelerated Timelines vs. Long Term Success" has been identified by the Canadian Marketing Association as recommended reading. The CMA featured the article in their latest weekly Top 5 Picks Newsletter (issued February 19th, 2021), as well as on their LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

This article is the second in our Digital Transformation series, which examines how relationships with digital technology are changing, how the pandemic has impacted those changes, and what organizations should be doing about it.

Drawing on his Future of the Interface paper as well as our 2020 consumer & small business studies, Phase 5 Partner and Chief Innovation Officer Arnie Guha investigates aspects of the current UX & CX environment in the context of his 4 key UX design metrics: efficiency, discoverability, memorability, and accessibility.

In the rush to develop pandemic-friendly services and experiences, it appears that several organizations have overlooked UX best practices, and these oversights could cost them dearly in the long term if not addressed soon. The article includes recommendations for how to review your own UX and CX evolution, as well as actions organizations can take now to avoid costly revisions in the future.

To learn more, check out the complete article and the studies to which it refers.

Written by Stephan Sigaud

Stephan Sigaud, MBA, is Phase 5’s EVP of Marketing. Stephan is passionate about partnering with clients to address their challenges and opportunities around customer centricity. Stephan has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research and Customer Loyalty and Experience and is a Board Director of the Insights Association. He has also been volunteering with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (as past Chair of the CXPA Toronto Network) and the Canadian Marketing Association (as member of the Leaders Network and past co-Chair of the CMA CX Council).