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    State of SMB 2021 Resources

    General Overview of Study
    Learn what drives SMB purchase and loyalty behavior in general, as well as what they fear, forecast, want, and need from the large enterprise brands that serve them.
    Marketing to Small Business
    The team at Phase 5 summarizes key findings from the 2021 study, and concludes by sharing 4 critical lessons learned for enterprises who market to the SMB segment.
    Focus on: Financial Services
    The pandemic changed how SMBs think about their Financial Services partners, while simultaneously ushering in new ways to bank, borrow, and receive payments.
    Focus on: Tech (Software)
    44% of SMBs have increased their software spending since the pandemic began. Our report shares more about what software they're buying and why.
    Focus on: Tech (Hardware)
    77% of SMBs get the majority of their computers from the same vendor, and that's mostly the way they like it. Learn what's driving their choice of vendor in the post-pandemic world.
    Focus on: Logistics Services
    70% of SMBs maintained or increased their spend in this category during the pandemic. 28% say they're likely to switch vendors. Learn what it takes to become a preferred vendor.