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Smarter Together Podcast

Hosted by Rachel Langer Abugov, this podcast digs into the latest, most innovative, and most inspiring insights we encounter in our work as market research, UX, CX, and innovation experts. Listen to our podcast for a window into how to bring your organization closer to your customers.

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Episode 2: Intro to JTBD, Together with Steve Hansen
Learn about Jobs to Be Done, an increasingly popular market research methodology.
Episode 4: X4 Summit Highlights, Together with Andreas Noe
Andreas Noe, leader of Phase 5's CX team, recaps the highlights of the X4 Experience 2023 Summit.
Episode 7: Data Does Not Speak For Itself, Together with Eric Chue from Interac
Eric Chue, Director of Research and Industry Insights at Interac discusses his journey towards becoming a market researcher, and some key learnings for being a successful insights professional.
Episode 8: Putting Customers First, Together with Tanya Fowler and Andreas Noe
Tanya Fowler (Head of Customer Experience at FCT) and Andreas Noe (Head of Phase 5's CX Practice) discuss how they developed an award winning Customer Experience program.
Episode 9: The Power of Data, Together with Katherine Wellman and Rachael Ramos of humm
Phase 5 is proud to be the insights partner for humm group, a consumer financing solution recently launched in Canada. Listen as they discuss, from experience, how data enables successful market strategies.

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