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Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 1: The Future of UX and CX
Spend a minute with Arnie Guha, PhD, head of our Experience Design Practice to learn about UX & CX, how they work together and keys to success going forward.
Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 2: The Role of the Research Manager
Phase 5 Partner Doug Church shares his perspective on the potential impact and opportunities a research manager can have within an organization.
Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 3: The Changing UX Landscape
Phase 5's VP Experience Design Gen Lamorie discusses how UX has changed, and more importantly, how the next generation of UX will look.
Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 4: Setting an Appropriate Research Budget
Stephan Sigaud, Phase 5's EVP Marketing offers a point of view for establishing the value of research based on risk mitigation and cost avoidance.
Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 5: How Are Researchers Using Tech?
Phase 5 Partner Michael Dolenko shares how AI has improved the speed and reach of data collection, and how study participants have embraced it.
Take 5 with Phase 5, Episode 6: Delivering Actionable Insights
Hear Phase 5 VPs Shannon Bennet and Sam Fiorino discuss the importance of making the jump from data to insights, and how to do it effectively.