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Schumaila Kumar

Schumaila is a Vice President at Phase 5 who leads quantitative and qualitative research for a broad range of clients, primarily in the financial and information services sectors. A seasoned professional who manages large scale and complex projects, she is adept at ‘bringing out the story’ behind the data, illuminating research findings and delivering key insights that inform client decisions. Schumaila speaks four languages, holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Wayne State University, MI, USA and a Master’s Degree in Interpretation from Innsbruck University, Austria.

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bitcoin on a wallet on a credit card; forms of payment
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Link to Payment Trends Expected to Disrupt the Banking Industry by 2025
Payment Trends Expected to Disrupt the Banking Industry by 2025
Findings from Phase 5’s 2023 study into Payment Trends show anticipated disruptions to the Banking ...